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Delaware County's Premier Full-Service Landscaping Provider

Welcome to Leadway Landscaping, your full-service landscaping provider. We take pride in delivering unparalleled lawn care, top-tier landscaping services, and dependable residential snow removal solutions to our valued clients in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

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We are Delaware County's premier landscape maintenance partner.

At Leadway Landscaping, we strive to be leaders in the Green Industry, setting the standard for quality, innovation, and cultivating a strong team culture. With our commitment to sustainability and a forward-thinking approach, we aim to make a positive impact and pave the way for a greener future.

Lawn Care


Snow Removal

Comprehensive Landscaping Solutions


Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Experience pristine and well-manicured lawns with our comprehensive lawn maintenance services, where we combine expert techniques, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence to keep your lawn healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.

Seasonal Cleanups

Our seasonal cleanups are designed to rejuvenate your outdoor spaces, removing debris, pruning plants, and preparing your landscape for the changing seasons. With our meticulous approach and attention to detail, we ensure that every corner is attended to, leaving your property looking fresh, tidy, and ready to flourish.

Shrub Trimming

Achieve perfectly manicured shrubs with our expert trimming service, where our skilled team prunes and shapes your plants to promote healthy growth and a polished appearance.

Mulch Installation

Revitalize your landscape with our professional mulch installation service. We meticulously prepare the area, expertly apply the mulch, and ensure even coverage, enhancing the visual appeal of your beds while providing weed suppression and moisture retention benefits.

Core Aeration

Improve the health and vitality of your lawn with our core aeration service, as we expertly perforate the soil to enhance air circulation, nutrient absorption, and water penetration, resulting in a lush and thriving turf.

Snow Removal

Ensure safe and accessible pathways during the winter season with our reliable snow removal service, where our dedicated team promptly clears snow from residential areas, including driveways and walkways, providing peace of mind and convenience for our clients in Delaware County.

a word from our customers


"I recently had the pleasure of hiring Leadway Landscaping, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I contacted them, Brandon, the owner, displayed professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service. Brandon's knowledge and expertise in landscaping were evident throughout the entire process." Read more

Ethan Stamp

"Takes care of my rental property year round and maintains the property beautifully. Everything from mulching, trimming bushes, grass cutting and snow removal etc, they always get the job done!"

Zack McMenamin

"I couldn’t be happier with the work Brandon and his team have done on our property. Whether you’re looking for professionalism or meticulous attention to detail, these gentlemen will have you covered.An aside on Brandon: he’s the type of guy where you’ll offer him an ice cold Poland Spring bottle after a hard days work and he’ll politely decline, because of course he’s brought his own. Always prepared."

Neil C

"Leadway has done the landscaping on my Ridley Park property for 3 years. Everything has been perfect the entire time. They are professional, timely, consistent , and offer very fair & reasonable prices. Do not hesitate to reach out to them!"

Alex lynn

"Leadway is wonderful! They’re consistent and actually care about their work. The prices are very fair and when I’ve had questions they’re easy to reach and talk to!"

Joseph Stier

about leadway landscaping

Leading the Way in the Green Industry

We are driven to be trailblazers in the green Industry, setting the standard for quality, innovation, and cultivating a positive team culture.

With a strong focus on providing exceptional lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services, we prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding customer service from start to finish.

We value open communication, promptly addressing any concerns, and ensuring our clients have a positive and enjoyable experience with us.

Brandon craig
Owner, Leadway Landscaping
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Leadway Landscaping crew | Delaware County, Pennsylvania

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Get in touch to explore why we're the top choice for green solutions, providing outstanding lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal. Serving Glenolden, Norwood, Prospect Park, Ridley, Swarthmore, and Springfield, we're dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces as your premier full-service landscaping provider. Contact us today to unlock your property's full potential.

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